Reconnecting To Ourselves
& The Earth


Reconnecting To Ourselves & The Earth

March 14-17, 2023

In a world that has been turned upside down, we humans are being called. Never before in recent history has there been a greater need for connection and community on our planet.

In order to connect with others, we must first change the relationship we have with our own bodies and minds.

So, where do we begin?
Introducing The Happy Body Summit - a four day virtual event that offers the sacred space for you to slow down and dial into your body’s needs.
 Build a more solid relationship with yourself and lock arms in a community of brilliant minds sharing valuable resources for you to begin living a lighter, more peaceful life.

We welcome you here, sisters and brothers!
36+ Hours
of valuable teachings and resources shared in the comfort of your home.
400+ Years of Experience
combined from our 40 experts who have been exactly where you are now.
Over $4,500
worth of promotional gifts from our talented experts to support the embodiment of a happier, healthier you.

Because of The Happy Body Summit, I connected with (and coached!) many amazing women. Thank you for being a bridge for people to step into a new relationship with their breathing and allow more life force into their world.
- Jillian R.

I really appreciated the meditations helping to set intention for the day, the presenters were professional, wise, and easy to engage with, the sound baths, experiential offerings, movement opportunities (yoga), and playlists were very well organized and complimented each other. I experienced profound shifts during some of the sessions, and gained a greater understanding of Ayurveda. I’m lit up with intuitive downloads and ideas that were catalyzed because of this experience.
- Sandra G.

Discover the naked truth about the body and what makes it truly happy with the guidance of 40 experts and teachers from all over Canada, United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Europe.  

A taste of what you will experience:

  • Ayurvedic and Plant-Based Nutrition. PLUS! Food consciousness for a better body and a better planet
  • Implementing simple, healthy daily rituals that nourish your body type
  • ​​What you can do for a better POO. Get simple tips to improve your gut health IMMEDIATELY. 
  • Why detoxing is necessary, what's missing in your plan, and simple tips to get a happy, healthy body  
  • ​Practical Breathing Techniques for better health, reduced stress, and overall happiness
  • ​​GET the raw truth about connection with your romantic partner and yourself
  • How your posture is affecting your results and corrections you can do to increase your personal power and get a healthier body 
  • ​Key Dating and Relationship Insights for the empowered man and woman. Deeper connection, fantastic sex, and great happiness await!
  • ​How to simmer down conflicting thoughts, feelings, and emotions at the root of your discomfort so you can free yourself 
  • ​Healthy habits and sensuality practice for the pregnant and post-partum body
  • ​How to rejuvenate your body, improve your immunity, and become resilient with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda
  • ​​Master mindfulness, grounding, and truly connecting with who you really are 
  • ​And soooo much more...

And if that wasn't already awesome enough....
we got a little fancy and added some unique experiences for you to enjoy.

  • A live vegetarian cooking class with Ayurvedic Chef, Laura Ahlquist!
  • ​4 virtual movement classes: Move your body with invigorating and detoxifying movement, classical Hatha yoga, and body rebalancing. Then, breathe and connect with your body with Peaceful Warrior yoga therapy. 
  • Addressing root cause of dis-ease in the body with the ancient healing wisdom of AYURVEDIC MEDICINE ​
  • Expert panels on food and gut health, sleep and stress issues, and sex and sensuality
  • ​We even included a surprise guest meditation guru or two!

I liked how well the summit has converted to clients for my business. I have spoken on numerous summits and no other summit converted this high. The level of participants on The Happy Body Summit are awesome and committed to their growth journey and I'm excited to work with them!
- Michelle B.

I wanted to share with you personally how enjoyable it's been to work with you. Your energy and approach through this whole (Happy Body) Summit experience has been a beautiful combination of care, positivity, and fun blended with professionalism and clarity. In my experience not many people can strike a graceful balance between heart-centered and professionalism and you've done a great job of that!
- Tiffany S.

 This Summit is a celebration of discovery for conscious, forward-thinking humans who wish to liberate their bodies and souls, and reclaim their sovereignty as the empowered people they know they are.

Using the wisdom from ancient healing systems like Ayurveda integrated with modern therapies for improved nutrition, sleep, and creative energy, this is a next-level healthcare event you can't afford to miss! 
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Coming Soon May 2022!
Registration will open in March.

Get your Exclusive ALL ACCESS ONLINE PASS to The Happy Body Summit and join the revolution of powerful humans who have learned how to live in harmony with themselves and Mother Nature. 

Your Happy Body Summit Expert Line-Up

Andreea Tamas

How to Adapt to Unexpected Change

Mandy Gefle 

What's Food Got To Do With It?

Dr. Kris Belfry

Awaken Your Inner Healer

Caryl Ayearst 

The 5 Pillars to Sleep 

Chantel White

Heal The Mind, The Body Will Follow

Sasha Bershadsky

Sleep & Stress Expert Panel

Scott McDermott 

If Your Body Were a Car, You Wouldn't Treat It This Way

Dwayne Klassen 

Masculinity In The Age Of The Empowered Woman 2.0

Michelle Bateman and Travis Belanger 

Raw Truths in Relationships

Dale Joyal

Sleep & Stress Expert Panel 

Nicole Joyal

5 Step Game Plan Smart Women Use To Save Themselves From Burnout 

Leslie Lovlin

Find your Sweet Spot Within - The Juiciness 
of Life

Ashley Kiefer

The 3 Secret Self-Investments to Living your B.E.S.T Life

Justine Eno

Gentle Yoga Flow Class

Brooke Kekos 

Magnetic Mindset- How To Harness The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind

Jill Enticknap

Kundalini Yoga Class

Karen Klassen 

Living In the Freedom Frequency 

Ava Curtola 

 A Better Life Through Meditation

Chef Laura Ahlquist 

Featured Ayurvedic Cooking Class: Cooking for the Spring

Kelly Daley 

Daley Ayurveda: Honoring Your Agni

Jayde Gravel

Womb Energetics & Quantum Health (Beyond Childbirth)

Kendra Irvine 

Your Body Type Tells a Story- 3 Clues that Reveal your Truth 

Sasha Hunke 

Sex & Sensuality Expert Panel

Heather Coon

Connecting With Your Body Wisdom & Past 

Kat Gagnon 

Intuitive Yoga Movement Class

Pascale Friesen

Sex & Sensuality Expert Panel 

Jessica Kruse

Food & Gut Expert Panel 

Tiffany Sparrow 

Eat with Peace: Keys to Transform Stressful Eating into Food Freedom

Dolphin Kasper 

Wholeness for Human Beings

Annette Park 

Food & Gut Expert Panel

Claudia-Sam Cataford-Sauve

Ditch the Self-Care Guilt

Dawn Wickberg

Cancer: Suppressed Emotions in Expression or Disease?

Jenny Pietzsch

Ayurvedic Daily Routines - Your Ritual of Listening and Honoring 

Paris Latka

How a 'Happy Bum'  Heals Lower Back Pain and Improves Posture

Jessica Laporte

Rebalance and Reset: Deep Detox Yoga Class

Teej Johanneson 

Food & Gut Expert Panel 

Dee Mago

Sex & Sensuality Expert Panel

Cayla Twerdochlib

How to Alchemize Pain into Purpose

Alaynne West Tweten

Sleep & Stress Expert Panel

I would recommend The Happy Body Summit to both speakers and participants. For participants they are always looking for free information and this summit gave them a wide variety of modalities and avenues to explore to get back to health.
- Caryl A.

I took time out to do something for myself for a change!  I learned about healing modalities I have been curious about for a while. And definitely that reminder in each modality to bring myself back to the present moment.
- Genie S.

A Few Words from the Host 

The Happy Body Summit was created to respond to a need. A need to return to love. 

We humans have gotten so wrapped up in the drama of ‘doing’ that we have forgotten that we are beings first. We have forgotten that we are spirits living in human bodies. We have forgotten who we really are. Mother Earth is calling us home. She is in big trouble and she is asking us to slow down, to listen to the quiet whispers of our souls, to nourish our bodies, to nourish our children, and to help her heal. 

Your time is now my friend. A healthy you IS a healthy Earth. The future generation thanks you for seeing that we needed to do something different and for recognizing that change needed to start with you. 

You inspire me. 

Peacefully and Powerfully, 

Kendra xoxo 
It's time to get back to your true nature and live your full potential. 

Learn From
The Best

We handpicked our expert speakers because their wisdom is based on what works, not theory, so you can implement what you learn and start getting results immediately. It’s the ultimate self-care plan for next-level living!

Your Ticket Is Free

It's not every day that this group of  holistic health experts stop what they are doing to guide you along the way! In these unsettling times, it’s so important for the sister and brotherhood to answer the call of Mother Earth. She’s hurting now. They want to give back by helping people to recognize and live in the light of their universal truth and reclaim their passion for life. Remember, we are all interconnected. Healthy you, Healthy Planet!

Watch From Anywhere, Anytime

Watch the sessions from anywhere. No flight costs, hotels or travel time; and most importantly, no time away from your business or family. Can’t make it to every live session? No problem! With VIP upgrade, sessions will be recorded so you can watch them whenever you want once they are edited and ready to go for you!

Help Yourself As You Help Others

The Happy Body Summit was designed to guide you along your self-care journey to achieving optimal health for your unique body type. When you understand your body, what throws it off balance, and what brings it back, you can create a simple step-by-step system to ensure your results are sustainable. This is no trend. This is ancient wisdom evolved for successful modern living. More and more people are using this wisdom to feel good in their own bodies and getting healthier, happier, and calmer by the day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a cost to get into the summit?
Nope. It's completely FREE. Unless you want access to the recordings to watch whenever you want and thousands of dollars worth of promotional gifts from the speakers, then you can upgrade to VIP HERE

If I sign up for the free access and later decide I want to upgrade to VIP access, can I do that?
Yes. You can do that at any point during the summit. Upgrades will remain open for 1-2 weeks after the summit is complete. Highly recommended as the value is tremendous! 

Are we allowed to engage in live chat with the speaker during their presentation?
That will depend on the speaker and their chosen format. Some of the speakers have lively classes and want to interact during, and some don't. If it doesn't work to chat during, write down your questions and save them to ask during the Q & A session scheduled at the end. 

What time does the summit begin and end?
The first speaker begins at 9am MST each of the 4 days. There is a beautiful meditation scheduled each morning about 5 minutes before the first speaker. Highly recommended to join! The last session ends at 6:00pm MST with a closing 5-minute meditation included. 

This sounds so great but what if I can't attend live?
All sessions will be recorded, edited, and put into a pretty package for you at the end of the summit with a VIP Upgrade. 

I'm stoked about this event. Can I promote it to my tribe? 
You sure can! Click HERE to become an affiliate. Bonus! You earn a 50% commission on anyone who upgrades to VIP. You could earn almost $100 a day just by sharing to 4 people. Spread the word!
Want to be a part of the revolution? It starts with you. 

I really enjoyed it! I’m glad I purchased the VIP package so I have access to all the replays.
It was an excellent summit and a good experience.
- Celia S.

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